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ContinuityBusiness Continuity Demands Platform Availability

Business Continuity

Your entire business continuity strategy depends on the availability of your underlying hardware platform.  And if you are virtualizing your environment – running multiple critical applications on fewer machines – the availability of each physical server becomes even more important in your continuity plan.  Downtime can be devastating. 

Cost of Downtime
  • Companies with annual revenues of at least $1 million from online business lose more than $8,000 per hour during a system outage. (Forrester Research)
  • Banks lose $14,500 per hour in ATM fees if an ATM system is offline. (Gartner Group)
  • Downtime costs $2.6 million per hour for a credit-card sales authorization system and $6.5 million per hour for financial brokerage operations. (Strategic Research Corporation)
  • Frequently unavailable web sites lose 7 percent of their customer base every year. (Aberdeen Group)

In such a high-stakes environment why wait to recover from unplanned downtime when you can prevent downtime -- and data loss -- in the first place?  Make business continuity an offensive strategy … a competitive differentiator ... rather than a reactionary plan.

The Commercial Benefits of Business Continuity

Managing IT availability well on a day-to-day basis creates the conditions necessary for business continuity management.  It enables your business to operate at maximum efficiency all of the time. In turn that makes your company more productive, more reliable.  Customer loyalty goes up.  Shareholder value increases.  Your reputation is secure. 

A business that is proven resilient may even result in new customers.  In fact if you are in a regulated industry – pharmaceutical, healthcare, utility, financial services, etc. – it may be only a matter of time before business continuity compliance is a requirement in the RFPs/RFQs issued to your company.

So how do you prepare?  Where do you start?  With a solid building block at the computer server level.  Continuous availability at the server level safeguards data integrity and provides the strongest footing for business continuity.

Count on Stratus for Availability Solutions

Developing continuous availability solutions has been Stratus’ core competency for the last 28 years. Our fault-tolerant systems have been designed from the ground up to maximize application uptime and provide the ideal platform for business continuity plans.

And when virtualization is a pillar of your business continuity plan, you can reduce your risk by running the applications on our inherently robust servers that are easy to manage remotely.  Remember users’ ability to access applications is among the most important functions of a business continuity plan.

Around the world you are tapping into the power of Stratus servers when you use your credit card, use an ATM machine, place a phone call, make a reservation or take a prescribed medication.

Ask us how we can help you align your availability and business continuity objectives to achieve competitive value.

How to Evaluate
Solution Providers

Business Continuity Services Webinar Series

When you evaluate availability technology for your business continuity plans, we recommend you ask some key questions.

Evaluation Questions

Deploying business continuity strategies to ensure reliability and performance of mission-critical applications can be a challenge.

Stratus' holistic business continuity planning strategy includes networks, servers, storage and outside service disciplines into one comprehensive plan.

Start with a business impact analysis today.

Taming the Hydra:
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Business Continuity

Noted analysts explore creating resilient and reliable IT infrastructure to ensure business continuity. Webinar topics include data protection, application availability, business continuity, server technology, and maximizing returns on virtualization investments.