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Stratus delivers continuously available products, services, and solutions with unmatched operational simplicity providing a compelling financial advantage to our customers.

Continuous Availability

Only Stratus servers deliver five nines (99.999%) and greater uptime — we call it continuous availability. From an end user's perspective, the Stratus approach to availability is automatic and transparent because every aspect of a Stratus system has been engineered from the ground up to safeguard uptime. Just plug in the system and load the application to get all of the advantages of Stratus' Continuous Processing® features, including lockstep technology, failsafe software, and ActiveService™ architecture.

Average Yearly Downtime
Conventional 99%
87 hours, 40 minutes
High Availability 99.9%
8 hours, 46 minutes
4 hours, 23 minutes
52 minutes, 36 seconds
Continuous Availability 99.999%
5 minutes, 16 seconds
31.6 seconds

Operational Simplicity

Stratus server solutions eliminate the complexities of cluster deployment and its ongoing maintenance headaches. Because Stratus Continuous Processing features are engineered into the system, there is no need for failover scripting, repeated testing procedures, or any work required to make applications "cluster-aware." Instead, Stratus servers automatically provide zero failover time and critical data protection for both memory and disk. As a result, your IT staff is free to devote their time to other projects that are critical to your business's success.

Compelling Financial Advantage

Competitively priced to buy or lease, Stratus servers dramatically reduce the initial price of fault-tolerant systems and the costs associated with unplanned downtime and ongoing support expenses.

Stratus Technologies is a global solutions provider focused exclusively on helping its customers achieve and sustain the availability of information systems that support their critical business processes. Based upon its 25 years of expertise in server and services technology for continuous availability, Stratus is a trusted solutions provider to customers in manufacturing, life sciences, telecommunications, financial services, public safety, transportation & logistics, and other industries.