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Why Do People Count on Stratus?

People count on Stratus when their important computer applications need to be up and running all the time.

Stratus delivers continuously available system solutions for essential business processes and applications. Long-time customers include credit card and ATM networks, securities and brokerage firms, 9-1-1 emergency call centers, and similar mission-critical operations where the potential harm from service failures is very high. For many computer users today, high-value functions also include e-mail, manufacturing data collection, customer-facing Internet services . just about any application that, if unavailable, interrupts the flow of commerce or compromises data integrity. 

People count on Stratus because no company understands fault-tolerant computer technology better.

Since 1980, Stratus has dedicated itself to protecting clients' most important operations.  During this time, we have developed unique engineering expertise and intellectual property, and an electronic global service network like no other in the computer industry.  When it comes to protecting important data, Stratus is the availability expert. 

People count on Stratus and our strategic software partners for complete IT solutions that improve productivity, profitability, and performance.

Stratus solves problems where uptime reliability is important and "downtime" is a bad word. We collaborate with leading software solution providers that have specific expertise in targeted industries to deliver the most complete, most reliable, best-performing systems possible.

Who Counts on Stratus?

Eight of the world's top 10 banks.
Nine of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies.
More than 150 public safety agencies worldwide .
Fourteen of the 20 largest telecommunications service providers.
Thousands more around the globe who want the highest uptime reliability possible at reasonable cost.

View our client success stories to learn how customers are using our solutions.

Our Heritage

Stratus was one of many hardware firms that once lined Massachusetts' high-technology Interstate beltways in the 1970s and 1980s. Known then as Stratus Computer, the company was committed to the art and science of fault-tolerant computing from the beginning.

Financially successful with consistent growth, Stratus became a favorite with banks, credit card companies, securities exchanges and brokerage firms around the world. In the 1990s, Stratus applied its technology to solutions for the red-hot telecommunications industry, particularly in the areas of network management and custom services. The telecom share of revenues quickly surpassed the enterprise computing business where Stratus had its roots. It was this success that attracted Ascend Communications to acquire Stratus Computer in 1998.

The enterprise-server business was of no interest to Ascend, however. That portion was spun off in a leveraged management buyout in February 1999, with funding from international investment firm, Investcorp. The reborn Stratus had a specific mission: make fault tolerance more affordable using open-systems technology and take it to new markets.  The Intel®-based Stratus® ftServer® system for Windows computing came to market two years later.

In 2003 Stratus purchased Cemprus LLC; this was the former Stratus telecom business originally purchased by Ascend in 1998. 

The Stratus Technologies of today is a privately held company, owned primarily by Investcorp, Intel Capital, MidOcean Partners, and NEC.  The parent company, Stratus Technologies Bermuda Holdings, Ltd., is incorporated in Bermuda.

Systems and Services

Today's Stratus solutions take the robustness of full fault tolerance to more places than ever before. With any model, business continuity, data integrity, and peak uptime are virtually assured.