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For operations that can't afford to miss a beat.

If you are managing traffic at airport gates, supporting reservation systems or tracking package deliveries, application uptime is critical to your operations.

In demanding scenarios like these, failure-prevention technology from Stratus is the industry's gold standard for uptime. Built-in fault tolerance means our scalable solutions help prevent downtime better than high-availability clusters. And the total cost of hardware, software and ongoing maintenance can save money compared with cluster alternatives.

"Our applications help railroads enhance safety, reduce operating costs, maximize revenue, and manage operations functions. For essential applications like these, fault-tolerant Stratus ftServer systems offer the 24/7 uptime that our customers demand matched with the ease of operation and affordability they need."
- Jay Walser
  Vice President - Operations

Benefiting from a total solution has never been easier because Stratus matches our ftServer® systems with Windows- and Linux-based applications from providers of travel, transportation and logistics software. For any enterprise that depends on these applications to schedule and track resources dynamically, choosing Stratus can offer:

  • 99.999% and greater uptime enabled by Continuous Processing® technology
  • Simple deployment and operation
  • Easy integration with Windows and Linux software applications, external applications and third-party networks
  • Support for growing transaction loads ensured by our scalable ftServer family
  • Suitablity for installation at sites with limited or no IT staff

How it's done: an in-depth discussion of continuous availability from Airport International


 Travel and transportation solutions include:

  • Airline reservations, operations, maintenance
  • Airport operations
  • Rail reservations and operations
  • Passenger and cargo shipping reservations, operations
  • Hospitality and rental car reservations, operations

 Logistics solutions include:

  • Transportation management
  • Warehouse management
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