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Securities firms depend on Stratus to keep high-value, high-volume transactions flowing

In an era of direct market access, smart order routing, and demanding regulatory requirements, firms need a way to prevent planned and unplanned interruptions to critical operations. Just a few seconds of downtime cuts thousands of customers off from market activity. Loss of data, or compromise to its integrity, all too often results in staggering losses -- measured in dollars, regulatory penalties and customer loyalty.

Failure-prevention technology from Stratus sets the industry's gold standard for uptime

It's a fact. Stratus® ftServer® platforms deliver automatic 99.999+% availability. These legendary fault tolerant servers are designed and built to prevent downtime. Powered by industry-standard Intel processors, the Stratus ftServer family offers you a choice of Linux® or Windows® operating systems at affordable prices that start around $12,000.

"We relied on Stratus and its new ftServer Product Line to supply us with a system architecture that offered stability through its fault tolerant design, speed and capacity as well as flexibility to support our ongoing development efforts and make us competitive in the shift to Electronic Trading."

- Bill Morgan, Chief Information   Officer, Philadelphia Stock   Exchange, the nation's first   stock exchange

In a Stratus server, the hardware and operating system are tightly integrated — comprising a continuously available computing architecture that is fully optimized for transaction processing. These systems don't miss a beat in the face of component failures and system software faults that cause other servers to crash.

Our availability technologies are complemented by the world's most responsive 24/7 online service and support organization with over 25 years of expertise in critical online computing. In addition, Stratus availability experts are also equipped to assess your overall infrastructure and processes to ensure end-to-end availability throughout your solutions lifecycle.

Contact us today at 1-800-STRATUS. The risks are simply far too costly to tolerate.

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99.999%+ UPTIME - You pick the Operating System

Discover the fundamentals of the fault-tolerant technology built into every ftServer system with either Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® or Windows® operating system.

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