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Eliminating risk from integrated, real-time manufacturing applications

Reliance on complex, integrated IT solutions in manufacturing can dramatically increase the risk of unplanned downtime. With applications such as MES, SCADA, ERP or SAP xMII, IT failures result in, at a minimum, the loss of production time. Loss of data and/or control can also result in the loss of entire batches or create safety concerns.To minimize downtime, IT organizations must evaluate all components of a solution for reliability.

What we offer

"We decided the ftServer is the right platform for maintaining this critical link between the corporate instance and our plants."
- John Niemzyk
Vice President & CIO
Rexam Beverage Can Company

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Whether the need is uninterrupted data collection at a pharmaceutical maker, the always-on imperative at a utility company, or real-time execution at an auto maker, Stratus solutions deliver 99.999 +% availability to integrated, real-time manufacturing applications.

Stratus combines its award-winning fault-tolerant server technology, Continuous Availability Lifecycle Management (CALM™) services and proven partner applications to deliver complete end-to-end solutions that roll out easily and quickly, at less cost and risk.

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