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Keeping applications and data continuously accessible

From electronic medical records (EMR) to advanced clinical systems, today’s healthcare organizations are going digital. This shift to a paperless environment is improving healthcare delivery by offering providers immediate access to patient data. But this dependence on technology also creates a new problem – how to ensure that patient data and clinical applications are secure and available 24x7.

Stratus delivers solutions that offer the superior availability healthcare organizations need to provide quality patient care. Stratus combines fault-tolerant servers with services, scalable ftScalable storage, and industry-leading partner applications to create turn-key solutions that cut the risk, time and costs of implementing new technologies.

“We have had nothing but success with it (Stratus ftServer). It is everything they say it is, and when all your Physicians are relying on electronic charts and documentation, you can’t afford to have the system down at all. That is the reliability this solution provides.”

- Ryan Bonner,  IT Manager
  The Orthopedic Center
  of St. Louis
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Achieving uncompromised data integrity

Healthcare organizations rely on fault-tolerant Stratus® ftServer® systems to run their vital clinical and administrative applications. Delivering 99.999% availability, the ftServer offers continuous access to applications and data, prevents costly unplanned downtime, and protects against data loss. And the ftServer Active Upgrade™ technology reduces planned downtime by enabling users to perform online software upgrades, hot fixes, and patches without taking the server or application offline.

Stratus also offers ongoing support and performance assessment services to ensure solutions continue to operate optimally. Proactive monitoring support services enable Stratus availability experts to remotely review the performance of servers, identify problems, and assist in rectifying those problems before outages occur.

Client Success Stories Sage Software & Stratus Customer Testimonials Medical Grade Servers White Paper
Ensuring access to electronic medical records with Stratus® ftServer System

"If the system were to break down, the effect on the hospital and patients would be huge. The electronic medical record system requires 24 hours of non-stop operation."
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This customer testimonial video highlights the importance of continuous availability in Healthcare from both a physician’s and IT Director’s perspective

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Medical Grade Servers Provide the Continuous Availability You Need, at a Cost You Can Afford

This paper presents an overview of how a Medical Grade solution can guarantee more than five nines—99.999%—of uptime for critical healthcare
applications. You'll see how continuous availability alleviates the impact of IT downtime and simplifies ongoing maintenance and support in healthcare organizations like yours..

Download Medical Grade Servers white paper (pdf, 675 KB)
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